Vestiaire Collective “Smart Side of Fashion Report”

Work created for Drench Design, alongside Chris Sawyers and Paul French
Technologies used:
  • Vue
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Sass

Vestiaire Collective is a fashion website, specialising in the sales of second-hand clothing. They wanted to create a bi-annual report of fashion sales, as a scrapbook-style, with a couple of interactive elements in the page.

Smart Side Of Fashion across devices

The main features of the report were outlined early – it needed to be translatable, it needed to have an interactive globe element in the page and it needed to match the already-supplied design.

When I was brought in to the project, the bones of the site were in place, using Vue and Vue Router as the backbone of the page.

One of the globe sections

My biggest contribution was to the interactive element that was required, which are the globes. It is created as a separate Vue component with simple click events that update the visible popup as required. Using CSS animation, the current-selected item shows a halo ring around it.

On switching slide (between the 3 for each globe), the popup resets as the frame goes out of view.

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