Ambrasoft by Noordhof

Work created for Noordhof
Technologies used:
  • Adobe Animate
  • CreateJS
  • JavaScript

Ambrasoft is a suite of educational games for young children in the Netherlands, for a range of subjects within Maths and Science. The games use CreateJS and are built in Adobe Animate.

These games were my first glimpse into JavaScript. They were created back in 2014/2015 for a company called LJ Create, my first job from University.

I worked on a fair few games for Ambrasoft, these are just a few examples. Sadly, due to it being a paid product that is still on the market, I can’t include any working examples.


The Footballer game is a counting game, where the player have to click on the player (or ball) which will trigger an animation of a kick to the gap. There were two versions of the game available – counting up and counting down. If the ball clicked is the correct one in the order, it will sit nicely in the corresponding gap. If it is incorrect however, it will bounce awkwardly, fall out of the gap, and the ball will reset back with the player.

“On Vacation”

On Vacation is a drag-and-drop game based on multiplication tables, where the player has to drop the people on their relevant hotel. Each hotel has a times table it represents, and a few people can be placed into multiple hotels.

If correct, the people will appear in the windows of the hotel they are dropped in and it will trigger a ‘correct answer’.

“Fraction quiz”

Fraction quiz is a game where you have to choose the correct answer for the fraction shown. When the correct one is selected, the character with the correct answer will get a point added to their score. If an incorrect one is selected, that character loses a point.

Each of these will also trigger a correct or incorrect answer for the actual player over a set of 20 questions. The character that wins has a victory screen afterwards, but the actual result doesn’t have a bearing on anything as the assigned answers are chosen at random by the code.

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