Technologies used:
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign

During one of my summer breaks at University, I was lucky enough to get some work experience at Graphic Design and Print CIC in Holt, UK. They are a social enterprise that offer teaching to vulnerable young adults in the community in print and design, as well as being a printing studio.

As well as assisting with some of the teaching, I learned a lot about the printing process and in digital printing too. I also had the chance to create a new logo and a couple of posters and leaflets for them.

Logo development

The company previously used their name as the main logotype, set alongside some gradient dots. The main challenge was that the company name is long, so a logo would be a nice, shortened way of representing the company on smaller media.

The GDP logo was created during the brainstorming phase as a way of fitting G, D and P together in a compact way, whilst also being in a squared-off form factor for ease of placement on materials.

Print-side banner

We created a couple of little banners for use in advertisement as well as for the website. Some of them focused on the printing side of the company, whilst others focussed more on the social impact of the company.

Social-side banner

The simplicity of the message was key, as many do not know how a social enterprise impacts the local community. They act as an (almost) halfway point between a company and a charity, in that the profits made by the company are put back into the community somehow.

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